achieving results through collaboration

Achieving Results through Collaboration

Though the application of our SearchFx process, we can rapidly identify collaborative solutions by collectively drawing upon and synthesizing the perspectives of individuals in groups from 20 to 200. Through a process of discovery and reflection SearchFx leads to the generation of sustainable solutions that are shared across your organization.

Creating Innovative Solutions

Metapraxis's Consulting Skills program focusses on improving results by changing the way your organization thinks. We employ system thinking and process consultation methods to help to refocus how your employees approach problem solving. By peeling back the layers that hide the real obstacles in your organization we unleash the innovative capacity of your employees.

 Identifying Practical Actions

Metapraxis employs an organizational problem solving process called Co-development.  The Co-development process ensures the identification of practical solutions in the least amount of time.

Coaching for Performance

The Action Coaching program offered by Metapraxis is a proven method that will assist managers to achieve results through relationships by helping them to understand how their style of management impacts them and influences others in achieving results.