Creating Innovative Solutions

processYour organizations' future depends on your ability to innovate and to bring innovative ideas to action. In real terms, we know that the value of applying process skills to the challenge of organizational innovation can be measured to yield an ROI of 20:1 that is for every $1 invested $20 is returned through revenue generation, cost-avoidance, cost-savings and climate/culture change. Metapraxis's Consulting Skills program focusses on improving results by changing the way your organization thinks. We employ system thinking and process consultation methods to help to refocus how your employees approach problem solving. By peeling back the layers that hide the real obstacles in your organization we unleash the innovative capacity of your employees. Learn more about Consulting Skills click here


Building High Performance Virtual Teams - Rogers Wireless

As a leading hi-tech communications company Rogers Wireless had prioritized the use of virtual teams to better meet customer service expectations while maintaining operational efficiency. Metapraxis staff were retained by Rogers to work with the MyDataCommunity Team in order to identify the most appropriate strategies to maintain meaningful work relationships and a climate of collaboration amongst team members. Using the Consulting Skills Process, the core obstacles to building high perfromance were identified and collective actions implemented to transfer this learning to the workplace.

Bell Canada – Operational Performance and Change Management Practices

Bell Canada was undergoing a significant change in its operational units across Ontario and Quebec. Competition is unprecedented and is forcing Bell to implement ways to drive a continuous improvement culture. In addition, rumours of merger and/or acquisition in the marketplace have placed additional stress on the middle manager in their dual responsibility of contributing to results while building relationships. In this asignment we worked with 100 senior change agents within Bell Canada to provide them with the interpersonal and professional tools and capabilities to manage the turbulence of transformational change in their industry. The Bell Canada Operational Performance and Change Management assignment focussed on front-line managers and supervisors who support operational business units as well as corporate functions. The overall goal of the assignment was the strengthening of the ability of front-line managers to influence and impact, specifically, to enhance their skills in facilitating decision-making and consensus development in the implementation of business unit and corporate initiatives.

Bombardier Aerospace - Building Strategic Capacity in HR Business Partners

Bombardier Aerospace (BA) is a manufacturer of business and passenger jet aircrafts. The company operates globally in a unionized environment with over 27,000 employees. Prior to 2001 Bombardier Aerospace was the dominant player in the global market for business aircraft and regional passenger jets. With the coming of more intensive global competition, the market demand for more fuel efficient aircraft and the demand for increasingly scarce leadership talent Bombardier launched a cultural transformation initiative. To support the achievement of the cultural transformation on the shop floor, BA realized that its front-line HR resources were not in a position to serve the strategic needs of the business units they supported. They needed their HR resources to support the business units in this goal but there was a gap in skills and mindset with the front-line HR resources that first needed to be addressed. To address this gap, the HRBP (Human Resources Business Partner) program was launched. Metapraxis Ltd built the HRB Programme into the work process of the HR professionals in Toronto, Wichita and Queretaro Mexico.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Central Region Change Management Initiative 

Coached RCMP senior management through the dynamics of the change process and facilitated the Central Region Executive Committee through resolution of critical governance issues. A Whole-Scale Change methodology was used in this assignment and over 200 member of the Force collaborated in creating more innovation solutions to operational integration.
This assignment began with a series of diagnostical interviews with a cross-section of the organization from within the Region. Twenty-six interviews were conducted in person and by phone. Using process consultation principles, the data from these interviews was presented to the client and we collaboratively began to design the change intervention required. A national survey was also conducted. Other RCMP Regions across Canada were having both successes and challenges with operational integration. We conducted a series of 10 interviews with high level RCMP executives to discover the best practices used in other Regions as well as the areas to avoid.