Coaching for Performance

The role of middle management in organization is pivotal. Whether private, public or not-for-profit, middle managers are the interface with employees. They are responsible for balancing the achievement of corporate results by maintaining productive relationships with employees, stakeholders and supervisors. To be an effective middle manger requires the ability to ask questions that reach into the affective dimensions of an organizational problem; it requires middle managers to understand themselves and how they are personally impacted by the relationships they manage. These are not skills taught in a classroom. They are developed in "action" in the real world of work. The Action Coaching program offered by Metapraxis is a proven method that will assist managers to achieve results through relationships by helping them to understand how their style of management impacts them and influences others in achieving results. Learn more about Action Coaching click here

Center for Leadership Development – Ontario Public Service.

As part of the Leadership Development Programme (LDP), we developed and delivered to 20 senior leaders a coaching curriculum to train senior leaders to coach LDP action teams. The latter were composed of groups of managers in the Centers leadership programme.

University of Guelph: New Liskard Agricultural Research Station

Developed a performance management and assessment programme for a Division of the University - New Liskard Agricultural Research Station. The programme involved initial behavioural coaching for employees and leaders followed by additional coaching support for programme implementation.

Astral Media Communications

Astral Media launched its Outdoor media product with the announcement of the Toronto Street Furniture contract. Metapraxis worked with three Directors in the Outdoor Division of the organization. Through an action coaching programme the Directors were provided the opportunity to reflect on their turbulent but successful year and to identify leadership behaviours that worked and those that were problematic. Over an 8 month period, new approaches were developed and successfully tested in the workplace.

Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Assisted CMHC in the provision of training and coaching skills to directors, supervisors, team leaders and managers. The programme focussed on performance coaching and consisted of two interventions- performance coaching skills development and integration of skills in the workplace by helping leaders address the hidden dimensions or obstacles to organization performance and their role in addressing these covert processes in organizations.

Waste Diversion Ontario: Continuous Improvement Fund

The Continuous Improvement Fund (CIF) provides grants and loans to municipalities to execute projects that will increase the efficiency of municipal Blue Box recycling and help boost system effectiveness. The team who administers the fund operates virtually across Ontario. Metapraxis worked with the leadership of the team to develop the team’s strategic directions and to improve their interpersonal capacities in dealing with each other virtually and in influencing client municipalities in the submission and management of best practice projects.

Bombardier Aerospace—Leadership Development Coaching Certification Program

The Leadership Development Coaching Certification Program at Bombardier Aerospace supported Bombardier’s focus on becoming a learning organization. Senior and middle managers were certified in the competencies of an organizational leadership coach. They in turn coached and supported a cadre of more than 500 supervisors throughout the organization in their learning and integration of the four Bombardier leadership values. This intensive coaching program is spread over eight months. Metapraxis was responsible for training, coaching supervision and evaluation of 40 senior management staff from across the organization.

Physician Leadership Coaching at RQHR

Physicians lead clinical teams within the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. These physicians are contractually engaged to have clinical, leadership and administrative responsibilities. Balancing these three responsibilities for the physician leader is a challenging task. Particularly challenging is separating the team leadership role from the traditional physician authority role. Metapraxis was contracted to engage in a coaching program with eleven (11) physician leaders. The program was an action leaning coaching program with specific workplace objectives. It utilized psychometric instruments and real time situations to develop individual strategies that resulted in improved physician team leadership.